How to Hold a Wine Glass Like a Lady: A Guide to Refined Etiquette

by Kaia

Holding a wine glass with grace and poise is an essential aspect of proper etiquette, whether you’re attending a formal event or simply enjoying a glass of wine at home. How to hold a wine glass like a lady is an art form that conveys elegance and sophistication. Let’s explore the nuances of holding a wine glass in a manner that exudes femininity and refinement.


The Stem Grip: A Delicate Touch

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? The key to holding a wine glass gracefully lies in the stem grip. Avoid holding the bowl of the glass, as this can warm the wine too quickly and affect its taste. Instead, gently grasp the stem between your thumb and forefinger, allowing the base of the glass to rest comfortably in your palm. This grip provides stability and prevents the wine from spilling.


The Index Finger Extension: A Touch of Elegance

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? For added elegance, extend your index finger along the stem of the glass. This subtle gesture not only enhances the visual appeal but also helps to balance the glass and prevent it from wobbling. Keep your other fingers curled gently towards your palm, maintaining a relaxed and graceful posture.


The Pinky Tuck: A Hint of Playfulness

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? Add a touch of playfulness to your wine-holding technique by tucking your pinky finger beneath the base of the glass. This optional gesture, known as the “pinky tuck,” is a subtle nod to traditional etiquette and adds a touch of femininity to your demeanor.


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The Wrist Position: Graceful and Unassuming

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? The position of your wrist is equally important in maintaining a graceful posture. Keep your wrist slightly bent, forming a gentle curve. Avoid holding the glass too tightly, as this can restrict your movement and make you appear tense.

Instead, allow your wrist to relax and move freely as you sip your wine.

The Elbow Placement: Refined and Unobtrusive

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? Pay attention to the placement of your elbows when holding a wine glass. Keep your elbows close to your body, avoiding the temptation to spread them out too wide. This will help you maintain a refined and unobtrusive posture, especially in crowded settings.

Holding the Glass When Seated

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? When seated, place the base of the wine glass on the table and gently rest your hand on the stem.

Avoid gripping the glass too tightly or waving it around excessively.

Instead, hold the glass with a light and steady hand, conveying a sense of poise and control.

Raising the Glass for a Toast

How to hold a wine glass like a lady? When raising your glass for a toast, hold it by the stem and lift it to eye level. Keep your wrist straight and avoid raising the glass too high or too low. Make eye contact with the person you are toasting and offer a sincere and heartfelt message.


Holding a wine glass with grace and etiquette is a reflection of your refinement and respect for the occasion. By following these simple guidelines on how to hold a wine glass like a lady, you can elevate your presence and enhance the enjoyment of your wine-drinking experience. Remember, it’s not just about the wine itself, but also about the art of savoring it with elegance and poise.



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