How Many Calories in a Glass of Barefoot Pink Moscato?

by Kaia

Barefoot Pink Moscato is a popular choice for those who enjoy a sweet and refreshing wine. However, if you’re watching your calorie intake, the question “How many calories in a glass of Barefoot Pink Moscato?” is likely on your mind. This article dives into the details of this wine’s nutritional content and provides a clear answer to this frequently asked question.


Understanding the Calorie Content of Sweet Wines

Before focusing specifically on Barefoot Pink Moscato, it’s important to understand how sweetness impacts the calorie content of wine. As mentioned in the previous article, alcohol and residual sugar are the primary contributors to wine calories. Sweet wines, by definition, have higher residual sugar content than dry wines. This means that they generally contain more calories per serving.


Barefoot Pink Moscato: Nutritional Breakdown

Now, let’s examine the specific nutritional profile of Barefoot Pink Moscato:


Alcohol content: 10% ABV


Residual sugar: 100 grams per liter (approximately 5 grams per 5-ounce serving)

Based on this information, we can estimate the calorie content of a standard 5-ounce serving of Barefoot Pink Moscato:

Calories from alcohol: (10 grams alcohol/100 ml) x (5 ounces x 29.57 ml/ounce) x (7 calories/gram alcohol) ≈ 103 calories

Calories from residual sugar: 5 grams x 4 calories/gram ≈ 20 calories

Therefore, a 5-ounce glass of Barefoot Pink Moscato contains approximately 123 calories.

Comparing Barefoot Pink Moscato to Other Wines

How does Barefoot Pink Moscato compare to other wines in terms of calories? Here’s a general comparison:

Dry wines: As mentioned earlier, dry wines have minimal residual sugar, resulting in lower calorie content. A typical 5-ounce serving of dry white or red wine contains around 120-140 calories.

Other sweet wines: The calorie content of sweet wines can vary significantly depending on their residual sugar levels. Some dessert wines can contain upwards of 200 calories per serving.

Therefore, Barefoot Pink Moscato falls somewhere in the middle in terms of calorie content. It contains more calories than most dry wines but less than many other sweet wines.

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Factors Influencing Calorie Count

It’s important to remember that the calorie count mentioned above is an estimate and can vary slightly depending on several factors:

Serving size: As always, the calorie content will be higher if you consume more than the standard 5-ounce serving.

Vintage and production methods: Slight variations in alcohol content and residual sugar can occur between different vintages and production methods, leading to minor calorie differences.

Tips for Enjoying Sweet Wines While Managing Calorie Intake

If you enjoy sweet wines like Barefoot Pink Moscato but are watching your calorie intake, here are some helpful tips:

Be mindful of serving size: Pay attention to how much you’re pouring and avoid overfilling your glass.

Choose wines with lower alcohol content: Opt for wines with lower ABV, as alcohol contributes significantly to calorie content.

Balance with food and water: Enjoy wine alongside food and water to avoid overconsumption and manage calorie intake.

Consider dry wines occasionally: Alternating between sweet and dry wines can help you manage your overall calorie intake.


In conclusion, a standard 5-ounce glass of Barefoot Pink Moscato contains approximately 123 calories. While this is slightly higher than the calorie content of dry wines, it remains a relatively moderate choice compared to other sweet wines. By being mindful of your serving size and following other helpful tips, you can enjoy Barefoot Pink Moscato and other sweet wines while staying within your dietary goals.



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