What is Non-Carbonated Beer Called?

by Kaia

Beer, typically known for its bubbly effervescence, has a lesser-known cousin: non-carbonated beer. But what is non-carbonated beer called? While terminology can vary, the most common names are:


Flat beer: This straightforward term simply describes beer that lacks carbonation.


Still beer: This term emphasizes the absence of bubbles and the beer’s stillness.


Cask-conditioned ale: This term refers to a specific type of non-carbonated beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in a cask, resulting in a naturally still and often slightly cloudy beer.


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Why Choose Non-Carbonated Beer?

While carbonation is often associated with beer, some individuals prefer the smoother and less effervescent experience of non-carbonated beer. Here are some reasons why:

Reduced bloating: Carbonation can contribute to bloating and discomfort, especially for individuals with digestive issues. Non-carbonated beer eliminates this concern, offering a more comfortable drinking experience.

Enhanced flavor perception: Some argue that the lack of carbonation allows for a more nuanced appreciation of the beer’s flavors and aromas. Without the tingling sensation of bubbles, the taste buds can focus on the subtle nuances of the malt, hops, and yeast.

Traditional experience: Cask-conditioned ales, a type of non-carbonated beer, represent a traditional brewing method that has been enjoyed for centuries. Choosing still beer can be a way to connect with the historical roots of beer brewing.

Examples of Non-Carbonated Beers:

Cask-conditioned ales: These beers, primarily found in British pubs, are served from casks without additional carbonation.

Certain traditional beer styles: Some historical beer styles, such as Finnish sahti and Norwegian kveik, are traditionally brewed without carbonation.

Degassed beer: Any beer can become non-carbonated by removing the carbon dioxide through various methods, such as stirring or heating.

Is Non-Carbonated Beer “Better” Than Carbonated Beer?

The choice between carbonated and non-carbonated beer is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Both styles offer unique experiences and can be equally enjoyable. Carbonation can add a refreshing and crisp element to beer, while non-carbonated beer provides a smoother and potentially more flavorful experience.

What is non-carbonated beer called is less important than exploring different beer styles and finding the ones that best suit your taste. Whether you prefer the lively bubbles of a carbonated beer or the smooth richness of a still beer, the world of beer offers a diverse and exciting range of options to discover and enjoy.



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