Netherlands Wine Market Achieves Record €1.5 Billion Imports in 2023

by Kaia

The Netherlands wine market demonstrated resilience in 2023, witnessing a marginal 0.5% uptick in volume, reaching 444 million liters. However, it was the unprecedented surge in import value that grabbed attention, hitting a record €1.5184 billion, marking an 0.8% increase from the previous year. This notable growth in value was propelled by the highest average price ever recorded, standing at €3.42 per liter, reflecting a 0.3% uptick from 2022.


Key Trends in Dutch Market

Bottled wine retained its stronghold in the Netherlands, commanding 87% of the total import volume in 2023. Notably, bag-in-box (BiB) wine emerged as a rising star, surpassing sparkling wine for the first time to claim the second spot in volume. The innovative BiB format witnessed an impressive surge of over 60% in volume and 54% in value, resonating strongly with Dutch consumers.


Conversely, bulk wine imports experienced a decline compared to the previous year, further challenging this segment.


Evolution in Supplier Landscape

Traditionally dominant, France witnessed a decline of approximately 6% in both volume and value, losing ground as the leading wine supplier to the Netherlands. Italy maintained its standing as the second-largest supplier in value, while Germany secured the second spot in volume.


Belgium emerged as a noteworthy distributor, experiencing significant sales growth, potentially attributed to the decline in direct imports from countries such as Chile, South Africa, and Australia, which may now be redirecting exports to the Netherlands via Belgium.

Sparkling Wine Diversity

Spain emerged as a standout performer in the sparkling wine segment, registering a robust 14.2% growth in volume in 2023. Although France continues to lead in value, Spain has witnessed a remarkable doubling of its turnover over the past three years, reaching €36 million in 2023. Italy also fortified its position with an 11.2% increase in value.

Bottled Wine: Germany and Italy Ascend

While France saw a decline in the bottled wine segment, Germany and Italy showcased growth in value, with increases of 5.2% and 3.9%, respectively. Spain also made significant strides, achieving record-high turnover with a 14.3% increase in value.

Bag-in-Box Leaders: Germany and Spain

Germany maintained its dominance as the top bag-in-box wine supplier, experiencing remarkable growth of over 85% in volume and 100% in value. Spain emerged as the second-strongest contender in this segment, recording a 42% increase in volume and 50% in value.

Bulk Wine Dynamics

Despite an overall decline in bulk wine, Germany retained its lead as the primary supplier. However, France nearly closed the gap, demonstrating a notable growth of 13.9% in volume and 15.2% in value.



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