Spring-Themed Cocktails Blossom at Time Out Market New York

by Kaia

As the saying goes, “To every thing there is a season,” and at Time Out Market New York, that season heralds the arrival of rooftop cocktails season!


A delightful assortment of spring-themed cocktails has recently made its debut at Time Out Market New York, inviting patrons to bask in the sunshine and skyline while savoring a visually stunning libation.


Once patrons have selected their meal of choice from one of the market’s esteemed kitchens—Back Barbecue, Pat LaFrieda, Fornino, Ivy Stark’s Mexology, and others—they can indulge in a selection of 13 distinctive cocktails and two mocktails to complement their culinary experience, including:


The Watermelon Margarita ($19): Featuring Tromba Tequila, Cointreau, and a refreshing blend of watermelon and ginger-mint syrup.


The Hawaiian “Knockout” Punch ($16): A tropical concoction crafted with Plantation Original Dark Rum, coconut rum, and a medley of pineapple, orange, and mango.

Espresso Ecstasy ($22): A rich and invigorating blend of Truman Vodka, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, and cold brew.

Very Berry Sangria ($17): A fruity libation infused with red wine, Cointreau, lemon, lime, Framboise, strawberry syrup, and fresh berries.

Coconut Carousel ($15): Featuring Plantation 3 Stars, Plantation Original Dark Rum, coconut, pineapple, and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Time Out Tea ($16): A bourbon-infused delight made with Russell’s Reserve Bourbon, unsweetened black tea, and a splash of lemon.

Passionfruit Cooler ($17): A refreshing blend of Beluga Vodka, St. Germain, Cointreau, and tangy passion fruit and lime.

Killer Bee ($19): An enticing combination of El Tequileño Gran Reserva Reposado, Dos Hombres Mezcal, and honey-ginger syrup.

Mix Me, I’m Irish ($18): A spirited creation featuring Paddy Irish Whiskey, St. Germain, cucumber-mint syrup, and a hint of lemon.

Negroni Spritz ($18): A classic with a twist, crafted with Citadelle Gin, 1757 Sweet Vermouth, and a splash of seltzer.

Oaxaca Pasión ($18): A vibrant blend of Dos Hombres Mezcal, passion fruit, Hagave Spiced Nectar, and zesty lime.

Fuzzy Mule ($22): Featuring Whistle Pig PiggyBack Rye, Q Ginger Beer, lemon, lime, and peach liqueur for a tantalizing twist.

Revive & Thrive ($17): A refreshing ensemble of Botanist Gin, Limoncello Lillet Blanc, and a burst of lemon zest.

For those opting for a non-alcoholic alternative, Time Out Market New York offers the “Gin” sling ($12), featuring Ritual Gin Alternative, tonic, and a touch of lemon, as well as the Tropical “Rum” Punch ($12), crafted with Ritual Rum Alternative, orange, pineapple, cranberry, passionfruit, and Q Mixer Sparkling Grapefruit.

Beyond cocktails, patrons can explore an extensive selection of over a dozen wine varieties and a plethora of local and regional beers on tap, including offerings from Brooklyn Brewery, Coney Island, Six Point, and more.

As the temperatures rise and the city comes alive with the vibrant energy of spring, Time Out Market New York invites guests to indulge in the ultimate culinary and cocktail experience amidst breathtaking views and irresistible libations.



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