Don Arte Launches Agave Spirits Network in Europe

by Kaia

Don Arte has introduced a new distribution network to make Mexican agave spirits more accessible across six key European countries: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark.


Reviving Traditional Distilling

The new network, Artesario, aims to revive the essence of traditional distilling by offering authentic, additive-free, small-batch Tequila and mezcal. This initiative focuses on providing consumers with previously inaccessible brands.


High-Quality, Small-Batch Spirits

“We believe there’s a substantial market for high-quality, small-batch Tequila and mezcal in Europe,” said Alex Liono, CEO of Don Arte. “Our goal is to cater to those who appreciate the artistry and dedication involved in crafting these exceptional spirits. Unlike industrially produced Tequila, which often contains multiple additives, our selections highlight the pure, unadulterated flavors that are a testament to their artisanal origins.”


Diverse Portfolio of Authentic Brands

The company’s initial portfolio features nine brands renowned for their commitment to traditional methods and quality: El Gran Legado de Vida, Atanasio, Montagave, Cazcanes, Cascahuin, Don Vicente, Gran Dovejo, Salvadores, and La Luna.


Artisanal Production Processes

Artisan Tequila and mezcal distinguish themselves through meticulous production processes, from the careful selection of agave plants to traditional distillation methods, preserving the integrity and complexity of the flavors.

“Our brands are more than just spirits; they’re a celebration of tradition, culture, and craftsmanship. In each bottle, you’ll find the essence of the regions where they are made and the passion of the artisans who create them,” added Liono.

Commitment to Excellence

Don Arte is committed to building a distribution network to bring exceptional spirits to the European market.

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