Avallen Launches Sustainability Consultancy for Drinks Industry

by Kaia

Avallen Solutions has been established to aid drinks brands and hospitality businesses in minimizing their environmental impact. The consultancy focuses on areas such as carbon emissions, waste reduction, packaging, and training.


The initiative aims to tackle the predicted degradation of 95% of the world’s land by 2050, which could render it unsuitable for crops.


Founders’ Vision

Stephanie Jordan-Balmforth and Tim Etherington-Judge, the founders of Avallen Solutions, are dedicated to ensuring the industry’s sustainability in the face of climate change, water insecurity, and biodiversity loss. They aim to build on their success with Avallen Calvados, a brand recognized for its eco-friendly practices.


“With Avallen Calvados, our dream was to build the world’s most sustainable spirits brand, and we achieved that. But we know there’s no point being the last tree standing in the forest; we have to ensure the forest thrives. That’s our new dream, and we can’t do it alone,” said Etherington-Judge.


In 2021, the drinks industry was responsible for 4% of global CO2 equivalent emissions. The current reduction rate of 0.7% per year is insufficient to meet net-zero targets.

Commitment to Sustainability

Jordan-Balmforth emphasized the importance of sustainability: “Genuine and authentic sustainability is the most important and interesting area of innovation for every drinks brand, bar, and restaurant worldwide. That’s why we’ve created Avallen Solutions – to share everything we’ve learned about making drinks that don’t give the planet a hangover and accelerate the critically needed change.

“We must reject business-as-usual thinking, adopt long-term strategies with urgency, and work together with nature, farmers, and each other.”

Service Offerings

Avallen Solutions offers three tailored packages: Seed for small businesses, Blossom for mid-sized companies, and Harvest for large companies.

“We have collaborated with some of the brilliant people we’ve met along our journey to put together a crack team dedicated to making the drinks and hospitality industries more sustainable,” said Etherington-Judge. “With experts in research, hospitality, environmental measurement, and marketing, we’re here to help revolutionise your business.”

Company Background

Distributed by Mangrove Global, Avallen Calvados was founded in 2019 and is known for its eco-friendly production methods and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Earlier this year, Avallen announced a partnership with EcoSpirits, resulting in the planting of almost 1,000 trees in Indonesia since 2021.



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